About [1stCav] Multigaming

[1stCav] was founded in October 2005, starting with only one game and five men, today more than 70 members play in six games (America's Army, Armed Assault, Call of Duty 2, Counter-Strike: Source, Red Orchestra and S.T.A.L.K.E.R.). We strive to be the biggest and most professional multigaming clan in Poland. Whenever you see a player with [1stCav] tag, expect he or she will play fair without any cheats and follow server rules.

Each [1stCav] brigade consists of one game players. We fight our way in electronic sports leagues (such as Clanbase, TeamWarfareLeague and CyberAthleteLeague) - you can find links to our profiles in those leagues by pressing chosen game button from left hand menu. Under "Wojny klanowe" button you can find complete statistics of our clanwars and sparrings. Once a year we hold a clan-wide meeting of players called The [1stCav] Weekend. Our real photos are posted in "[1stCav] w obiektywie" section.

Although we are polish speaking clan, we refer to american 1st Cavalry Division. Strange? Not really. 1stCav, among other US units, fought in Vietnam with communist regime, which we here in Poland remember far too well. [1stCav] Multigaming started as Vietcong first person shooter clan - we have chosen to follow tradition of US 1st Cavalry Division.

See you on the battlefield!

Leszek "SokoleOko" Kadelski
[1stCav] Multigaming Commanding Officer

In any case, please contact me at sokoleoko@1stcav.pl

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